Portrait - Edited.jpg

Noel Carmack


My drawings and paintings—whether still life or figurative work—are meant to be imbued with visual metaphors, psychological expression, and meaning, though rendered in a naturalistic manner. The figure is often central to my field of view.  It is an integral part of what I have to say visually. When I am not visually speaking of the human experience, I speak of its context and surroundings—in all its physical manifestations—sacred and profane. Inanimate objects, still life, or complex scenes, are meant to show their connectivity to human life and its rituals.

Over the years I have experimented with a number of drawing and painting techniques which have aided me in achieving a desired visual image. I render the figure in a variety of ways, using classical form-building methods: modulated limbs and features, heightened value drawing, and both naturalistic and expressive painting.

I am determined to create work that has a reverence for things that touch upon the human spirit. Most of all, I want to create images that are deeply meaningful and expressive.